Anne B. Parker - Visual Artist
Lifting, IBending, IBending, IILeavingMultiplyingDroppingChargingLooking, ILooking, IIBuilding
Verb Series, 2015-2017
In these works I explore the boundaries between realism and abstraction, the body and the spirit, restraint and abandon, reason and intuition. How delineated, permeable are these boundaries?
Each work originates from an image that evokes a strong visceral reaction in me; images full of movement and intensity. Within the contained rectangle of the paper, I attempt to capture this power with a gesture drawing - my immediate, direct, and physical response.
The gesture becomes the underlying structure of the work, which I then improvise upon through the addition of various media. My process moves between immediacy and caution as I explore the boundaries between the real and abstract and attempt to mine and capture the ineffable from the material world.