Anne B. Parker - Visual Artist
Through my paintings I explore the boundaries between realism and abstraction, the body and the spirit, restraint and abandon, reason and intuition. How delineated, how permeable, or strong are these boundaries?
Each work originates from something I see that evokes a strong visceral reaction in me. The sources vary: a simple functional object; a photograph of dancers; or portions of a Baroque painting. Though these items and images are static, I perceive an ineffable power within them - they are full of movement, intensity and potential. I attempt to capture or trap this power within the contained rectangle by first making a gesture drawing - my immediate, direct, and physical response.
The gesture becomes the underlying structure of the work, which I then improvise upon and alter through the addition and layering of various gessos, acrylic mediums, charcoal, pastel, paint, and graphite on paper. My process moves between immediacy and caution. Areas of transparency and solidity are developed. Textures, marks, and colors are added while the original gesture, my kinesthetic response, continues to play a role.
The paintings in the Verb Series are titled after human activities and the color palettes reference the subtle variety of tones in human flesh. The Homage Series pays homage to specific artists and the high contrasts and primary colors reference the lively artificiality paint can produce.
The completed work is something entirely new; a transformation has occurred. The original inspiring image is not visible, but instances and suggestions of the figurative emerge from the abstract. Each work is a different exploration of the boundaries between the real and abstract - an attempt to mine and capture the ineffable from the material world.