Anne B. Parker - Visual Artist
Collages 2015 - 2016
The collages began in response to John Chamberlain’s abstract sculptures made from automobile bodies. His work struck me as a three-dimensional collage. Instead of selecting from automobiles, I select from mundane photographs and advertisements found in magazines to create two-dimensional abstract constructions. I find my collage pieces by tearing and careful folding, accumulating many abstract parts. I do not use scissors, which results in only torn or straight edges. From my collection of paper parts, I assemble and reassemble multiple times, discovering expressive connections among the pieces. As John Chamberlin said, “it’s all about the fit.” Often, as a result of a collage’s silhouette and sense of gravity, anthropomorphic or zoomorphic traits emerge. Finally, the 7” x 10” collages are grouped as diptychs or triptychs creating a dialogue among them.